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I am proud of our community and the men and women that serve us in our Police and Fire Departments. Making sure that our communities are safe places to work and live only happens if we make public safety a top priority. I am  committed to providing Police and Fire with the resources they need to continue serving our community with excellence. I am proud to be endorsed by both the Livonia Police Officers Association and the Livonia Professional Firefighters Local 1164.


I will work to ensure that every neighborhood remains vibrant and thriving. Livonia’s neighborhoods are a source of pride for their residents and also a reflection of the entire city. I will promote the culture of our neighborhoods while protecting our parks. The neighborhoods are where Livonia’s residents feel safe, comfortable and connected to each other.


I see the need to honor our seniors, the backbone of Livonia, by guaranteeing that their golden years are filled not with worry but with community pride. Livonia’s  senior population is growing, and I will advocate for their independence and make sure we have procedures in place to protect them.


As a member of council, I will prioritize spending to ensure that we budget within our means.  Families deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money, and I will work to keep Livonia’s tax rate low, eliminate wasteful spending and make sure we are spending efficiently. 


I know that we need to continue to make Livonia attractive to businesses, developers, and retailers which will grow Livonia’s tax base and result in job creation. 


I believe that inclusion is a fundamental value. I also believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and included in our city. I will work to break down barriers and create opportunities for all of Livonia’s residents. 

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