As a teacher and the Department Chair for the Math Department at Churchill, I know what needs to be done to ensure that all our kids receive a quality education.  First, we must ensure that all students are provided an opportunity to be successful.  Whether, a student wants to enter a skilled trade, or attend college our schools must assist them in achieving their goals.

I will also support more local control for our schools. Let us demand that more decisions are made at the local level by our local community leaders, parents, and teachers not the bureaucrats in Lansing or Washington DC.

We need to focus on training, recruiting and retaining our teachers. High quality teachers help to make sure students succeed.

Michigan cannot be great without great schools, which is why I want to help our quality local schools get even better and help struggling schools improve. 


As our State Representative, I will work to pass legislation to stop Governor Whitmer’s reckless $3.5 billion bond plan that does not fix one road in Livonia!  That is right, $3.5 billion and not one road will be repaired in Livonia.  However, we will have to pay $1 million a day to pay off the debt.  Simply, put the Governor’s reckless plan does not add up, and must be stopped.

Additionally, Michigan is only one of four states that charge both a sales and gas tax at the pump, and not all that money goes to fund the roads!  The taxes we pay at the pump should go back in to repairing our roads; it's just common sense. As our State Representative, I will fight to fix the broken system that syphons our tax dollars away from roads and invest it into high quality roads that last. These taxes also impact school funding, so we must also work to ensure that our school funding remains intact.  

Calm Lake
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Protecting our


Economic Growth

The Great Lakes are Michigan’s greatest natural resource. As our next State Representative, I will work to ensure the quality of our state’s water is protected and will hold polluters accountable by enacting common sense regulation that safeguards our environment for generations to come. I will work to ensure that invasive species are taken seriously as the threat they pose to our state’s natural splendor.

As our State Representative, I will also work to ensure that our drinking water is safe and that we clean up soil contamination at industrial plants.  

With the COVID 19 pandemic, we will need to get to work right away to rebuild our economy.  As our State Representative, I will work to ensure that as we rebuild our economy, we must make it a priority to provide opportunities that will keep our kids in Michigan. We must attract world-class talent and investment in our healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and technological sectors to help all our citizens thrive. Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican State Legislature laid the foundation for a strong and prosperous future; we need to use that foundation as we work to rebuild our economy.